Smart Folders can find a file anywhere on your computer.  Regular folders let you organize your files with ease.  Tag Folders do both. 

Drop any file onto a Tag Folder, and it will immediately be tagged to match the Tag Folder’s search criteria.  Open the Tag Folder, and every file with that tag appears in a Finder window, available for use.

Tag Folders

Simple, flexible, powerful

file tagging


Making a new Tag Folder is as simple as clicking on the “New Tag” Tag Folder.  Drop files onto “New Tag” to automatically make a new Tag Folder to contain them.

Modify your Tag Folder’s search criteria to make it as simple or as complex as you like.  It will add all the specified tags to the files dropped onto it.  It can even remove unwanted tags at the same time.

Customizable and easy as pie

Tag Folders can nest inside one another.  Simply drop one Tag Folder onto another to create a hierarchy of Tag Folders.

Nested Tag Folders inherit the tags of their parents, and pass them on to their children.  Add your “Project 1” Tag Folder to your “Work” Tag Folder, and any files added to “Project 1” will also appear in “Work”.

Nesting instincts

Tag Folders uses the emerging OpenMeta tagging standard for Mac OS X, which makes one set of tags universally accessible to all apps that support them. Tag Folders works seamlessly with all OpenMeta apps.

Tag Folders can also write copies of tags to Spotlight Comments to maintain compatibility with legacy tagging applications that don’t yet support OpenMeta, such as TagBot, Leap (v 1.1), Punakea, the Quicksilver File Tagging plugin, and more.  You may also define a custom syntax to suit your needs.

Plays well with others

Tag Folders can be accessed any way you like.  Put them in the Finder Sidebar.  Add your favourites to the Dock, or all of them in a Stack.  Add a Finder toolbar button to choose them from a list. Store them on your Desktop, or in Documents, or wherever you want.  Use dialogs instead of drag-and-drop, if you prefer.  It is up to you.

Tag Folders keep track of themselves, and can always be accessed from a central location of your choosing, no matter where they are.

Fits your style

Tag Folders have more features designed to make them as simple and as powerful as possible.  Read about them in the user guide.

For Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6

Version 2.6Whats_New/Whats_New.html

Tag Prompter is a helper application that makes it almost effortless to keep your files properly tagged and organized. It watches folders for new or modified files and prompts you to tag them automatically. Save a file, and a dialog box will appear within a moment or two offering to tag that document by adding it to any Tag Folders you choose. Aside from selecting the appropriate Tag Folder(s) from the list, no further work on your part is needed.

Automated, because that’s what computers are for

And more....

Smart Folders with Drag-and-Drop simplicity